Virtual Assistant Interpreter

Virtual Assistant Interpreter

Aira agents provide remote assistance to blind or visually impaired individuals through a mission control dashboard. The dashboard provides information such as user’s location, surrounding environments, and live-streaming video from a user’s camera, Google Glass or phone’s camera.

Desktop Application


To redesign the Aira Dashboard that allows agents to help their clients navigate outdoors and indoors, identify objects, and perform unusual tasks such as reading signages and searching for objects.

My Role

  • Product Designer
  • User Researcher
  • Work closely with Product Manager and Customer Service team

From shadowing sessions with agents, I found that agents were not using all the tools available within the Dashboard and were seeking other tools to help them acquire info for their clients. The agents rely on map when providing information to the clients because the video streaming often lagged or dropped during the service. 

Version 1.0

The video area was the most prominent but was unreliable. The controls for video weren’t used since our clients felt uncomfortable with agents being in control of their device, Glass. The tabs for user info, captured photos, yelp integration and google map places were not being utilized, yet they’re always expanded.

Version 1.2

We introduced Google street view to aid for dropped video streaming. The tabs are collapsed to allow for larger map view. The status of hardware were hidden under hover state of the icons above the video view, any alerts such as low battery will pop up during the service.

Proposed Solution for Version 2.0

We proposed a design that provides hardware statuses since an agent need to reassess their next steps based on this information. For example, if the phone WiFi strength is weak, an agent should notify the client and be aware that a video will not be stable. We also provide the point of interests control for agent to quickly search and identify places around the client. 

Version 2.0


For faster development, we utilized Material Design.

The Dashboard features include:
  • Uber hailing capabilities: To offer seamless travel experience to our clients, we integrate ride sharing into the dashboard so that the client doesn't have to stop or pause the service while traveling.
  • Easy-to-access user profiles: An agent need to know if the client uses a whtie cane or guided dog in order to communicate and provide information during their travels.
  • Fluid video player that can be popped out from the application onto a second monitor: This allows agent to have a larger view, more accurate view, of the client locationn.

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